A delegation from the industrial and manufacturing training agency of the ministry of higher education of South Africa visited SVU
Author: Source:国际学院 Date:2019-04-04 Times:0

Author: Source:国际学院 Times:0



On September 25, Gregory Adams, deputy director of the industrial and manufacturing training department of the ministry of higher education of the republic of South Africa and Dr. Lu Zhilei, director of the South African center for Chinese culture and international education, visited SVU and received warm reception from president Cao Yumin and vice president Zhang Jian.

In June, our university cooperated with the ministry of higher education of South Africa and South Africa China center, and accepted 40 South African students to study automobile testing and maintenance, electrical automation technology. Cao Yumin introduced the history of our university and its achievements in international education in recent years. He mentioned that South African students are serious and active in study, love Chinese culture, can get along well with Chinese teachers and students, and are well adapted to study and life in Suzhou. He sincerely hopes that the students can make achievements in their studies in China, become ambassadors of friendship between China and South Africa, and contribute to the economic development and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Gregory Adams, Lu Zhilei appreciated the exploration and efforts in student training and spoke highly of the achievements in foreign cooperation education, university-enterprise cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship. They hope that more vocational education administrators, teachers and students from South Africa will come to our university to learn the new model of vocational education, new technology and new knowledge of cultivating management and skill talents for vocational education and manufacturing enterprises in South Africa. Cao said that our university will start from its own advantages in vocational education, and South Africa's ministry of higher education, South Africa China center, China's manufacturing and engineering and other related fields in South Africa's foreign institutions in South Africa to carry out multi-channel and multi-directional cooperation, achieve win-win cooperation and common development, and actively contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative.

After the meeting, Gregory Adams and his party visited the technical training center of automobile and electrical engineering. They were impressed by the complete equipment, neat environment, professional teaching of teachers and orderly practice of students in the center. They were happy for South African students to learn under such teaching conditions. Later, Gregory Adams had a discussion with some South African students to learn about their study and life. He hoped that students would cherish this opportunity and make full use of the one-year learning to learn more skills and culture, so as to serve the construction of a beautiful new South Africa afterwards.