Chinese and Foreign students' Chinese New Year Party in 2019 was successfully held
Author: Source:国际学院 Date:2019-04-04 Times:0

Author: Source:国际学院 Times:0



As the pig enters the household in spring, the year of the pig is full of happiness. On February 1st, Suzhou Vocational University held the 2019 Chinese and foreign students' New Year party in Xueyuan hotel. Vice presidents Xiong Guiying and Zhang Jian, heads of student affairs office, security department, international college and more than 110 Chinese and foreign students gathered together to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year of the pig.

The party started with Zhang Jian's enthusiastic speech. On behalf of the school, he wished the students a happy New Year. He briefly introduced the customs of the Chinese New Year and the lunar New Year to the 100 international students who would stay in the university during the winter vacation. He encouraged them to take advantage of the winter vacation, so that they could have a better look around, learn more about Chinese culture, make more Chinese friends and enhance the friendship between China and foreign countries. He hoped that they could have a happy and meaningful Chinese New Year!

Students from South Africa, Pakistan, Burundi, Ghana and other countries sang, danced and performed Hlonolofatsa, Wathinta IAfrika, Skeleton Move with Gqom Dance, traditional Pakistani Dance and other programs. Yan Liangxing, a Chinese student from the school of computer engineering, also sang a song on the stage. We had high-five blessing, toasted each other and felt the warmth and harmony.

Many international students have celebrated the Spring Festival in China for the first time. South African students Siya and Sibahle said: we are very happy to participate in the Chinese and foreign students' Chinese New Year party. We learn more about the Chinese New Year culture and customs. We also show our country's culture through dancing and music. We are impressed by these culture exchanges!” The students said that they would make full use of the learning opportunities in China, learn the language well, master skills, become international ambassadors of friendship, and contribute to the economic and cultural exchanges and development between China and their home countries.