37 Pakistani students graduated under CPEC Culture Communication Center exchange program
Author:International College Source: Date:2020-08-08 Times:0

Author:International College Source: Times:0



China-Pakistan bilateral strategic partnership has strengthened under CPEC, a flagship project of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). CPEC has stimulated bilateral education cooperation and cultural exchange programs. The CPEC Culture Communication Center has played a significant role in stimulating bilateral educational and vocational programs. Total 37 Pakistani students have been graduated from Suzhou Vocational University on scholarship. The graduates will help to meet the demand of Pakistani enterprises for skilled technicians.

BEIJING: Thirty-seven Pakistani students, a majority of whom from Gilgit Baltistan have graduated from Suzhou Vocational University after completing three years’ study in China, Gwadar Pro reported on Thursday.

Equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in machine manufacturing and mechatronics, they are expected to contribute their due part to the revitalisation of “Made in Pakistan”.

The students are beneficiaries of an education program initiated and supported by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Culture Communication Center, which was jointly established by the government of Gilgit Baltistan and Suzhou Vocational University three years ago to promote education cooperation and cultural exchanges between Pakistan and China.

The scholarship and tuition fee of the 37 students are provided by the center.

The main executor of the program Suzhou Vocational University is located in one of China’s major manufacturing bases Suzhou, from where a considerable amount of “Made in China” products are exported to markets throughout the world. And the achievement is in part attributed to its developed vocational education system.

As per the plan of the program, most of the students learn machine manufacturing and mechatronics at Suzhou Vocational University to meet the demand of Pakistani enterprises for skilled technicians.

Through theoretical and practical courses, all of them have a good command of the know-how to operate sophisticated machines and perform process analysis and CNC programming according to design drawings.

They are also offered internship opportunities at the partner companies of the university for one semester before graduation, and the qualified ones can get a formal offer from the employers.


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