SVU Held Construction Promotion Meeting for Quality Improvement Projects of the Opening of Education
Author:FAO Source:国际学院英文版 Date:2020-04-28 Times:0

Author:FAO Source:国际学院英文版 Times:0



On April 27th, the university held the construction promotion meeting for quality improvement projects of the opening of education. Vice president Zhang Jian, directors of relevant departments and team members of construction projects attended the meeting.

The two Sino-Australian joint programs with Chisholm Institute in Mechatronics and Accounting were granted by the provincial education department as high-level demonstrative construction projects for Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools in 2017 and both of them passed the mid-audit in 2019. The course “Engineering Drawing and Digital Expression” was selected into the 2019 English teaching and training program for the international students in provincial colleges and universities in January 2020.

Zhang Jian affirmed the achievements of each project in exerting demonstration radiation effect, promoting education and teaching reform, improving the quality of teachers and training internati

onal talents, etc. and put forward solutions, jointly with the leaders from the offices of Teaching Affairs, Finance, Foreign Affairs and the International College, to the practical difficulties and problems that teams have encountered in the construction process of each project. He demanded that the construction teams fill the gaps, make innovations and strive to fulfill the construction tasks with excellence.

The promotion meeting summarized the construction of relevant projects and made plans and arrangements for the work in the near future, aiming at implementing the national and provincial requirements on expanding the opening up of education and improving the international school-running level of the university.