SVU leaders visited international students at school
Author:International College Source:International College Date:2020-03-06 Times:0

Author:International College Source:International College Times:0



On March 5, Niu Xuelin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SVU, Zhang Jian, Vice President, and the heads of the Party Office and General Affairs Office visited international students at school and inspected the epidemic prevention and control work.

Niu Xuelin communicated with students from South Africa, Pakistan, the Republic of Congo on their study and living during the vacation, instructing them to take scientific protective measures to keep healthy and safe, and to seek for help from teachers if they have difficulties. Internationalstudents thanked school leaders and teachers for their care and support. They said that they were safe in school, their lives and studies were not much affected and they will continue doing epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the school’s requirements, and actively do their current online courses.Briss and Tresor from Suzhou’s sister city—Pointe-Noire of the Republic of Congoreported to Niu Xuelin their intention of writing to Mayor Li Yaping. Although they only studied in school for only one semester, they were able to do simple daily communication with teachers in Chinese. Niu Xuelin praised the students for enhancing the friendship between the two cities, and encouraged them to study hard and master skills to contribute to the construction of their motherland and the China-Congo friendship.

Subsequently, Niu Xuelin came to the international student canteen and Xueyuan supermarket, talked cordially with the staff and thanked them for their persistence and diligence.  


Since the outbreak of new coronaviruspneumonia, the school has attached great importance to the prevention and control work of international students on campus. Under the leadership of the school’s epidemic prevention and control team,International College has formulated an epidemic prevention plan and strengthened communication with students, helping them out when they were in difficulties. At the same time, a mutual assistance mechanism was formed betweenstudents, which eased their tension in the epidemic and further enhanced the friendship among them. At present, all international students at school are in good mental and health condition and have been engaging in online courses.